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tv   ABC2 News  ABC  October 3, 2012 4:30am-4:55am EDT

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the weight off. >> that's for sure. that's what's mak be careful heading out the door this morning. in some areas it's tough to see. we'll let you know the latest what this fog is causing and how long it's going to stick around. two men accused of terrorizing women are off the streets. who they are and what this investigation has is far from over. we have the latest details. a local neighborhood is considered one of the best in the country. find out if it's where you live on this wednesday, october 3rd. good morning, maryland, i'm charley crowson. >> i'm megan pringle. it's the middle of the week. yesterday was a washout. >> it was. we were with you throughout the morning so you would know what
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to expect as those rains just would not leave. >> exactly. it was the afternoon and through the evening that we saw a little bit of a break out there. now the rain is being replaced with fog this morning. we have reduced visibility, less than quarter mile in a lot of spots this morning, so you need to take it easy. very difficult to get to work and where you're going this morning. due to that, we do have a dense fog advisory here in this gray area. hartford county, cecil county and anne arundel county until about 8:00 this morning. we do have one lone shower out there as we work our way into harbor county, bel aire, just to the north of jarrettsville. you can see it along i-83 this morning as well, some heavy rain, a downpour pushing off towards the north and east. you just have a little bit more of it and then it'll be out. that's all we're picking up on maryland's most powerful radar this morning. we're mild this morning -- we're warm this morning, not just mild, but warm. baltimore at 68. you can see that the humidity is at 100%, so that air is
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saturated and we do have that southwesterly flow. this is what we look like as we go through the hour by hour, cloudy conditions, foggy conditions as we go through about 9:00. and 82 degrees. we will have a warm day on tap, high of 85. let's get a check now of the abc 2 time saver traffic with lauren cook. dense fog advisory going to be a headache for you this morning. >>reporter: yes. lynette, unfortunately we are off to a bad start. you will want to expect reduced visibility throughout the region. hartford county getting hit hard with rain this morning. we have a tree that's fallen in falston along the northbound lanes of 152 at hartford road. on route 295 in anne arundel county, we're dealing with a crash. this is going to be northbound right at route 32. do watch out for that. if you are using the beltway, as we check in and take a live look outside at liberty road, you'll notice everything will be up to speed, but, again, that fog going to be the issue here. here's what the beltway looks like in parkville. conditions will worsen here at
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hartford road. you will want to slow down, be careful, turn on the low beams to try to navigate through all of the fog. that's a look at abc 2 new time saver traffic. megan and charley, over to you. a developing story over the last 11 days, it's -- it's been 11 days since anthony anderson died in police custody. the state medical examiner ruled anderson's death a homicide. he died from blunt force trauma. the report shows he had broken ribs, ruptured spleen and internal bleeding. anthony's family calls the incident police brutality and they say the police officers should be held responsible for anderson's death. >> we want these officers fired, we want them arrested and we want them convicted because if it was a normal citizen that committed homicide, they would be behind bars. >> the officers initially said anthony tried to swallow drugs, but the medical examiner says drugs played no role in his death. those three officers are
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currently on paid administrative leave. it's still unclear whether those officers will be charged. to baltimore county right now, that's where police have arrested two men in connection with a series of abductions. >> yeah. this morning there are now new details about the two men. abc 2 new's linda stow is live at police headquarters. linda, what can you tell us? >>reporter: we've learned who the suspects are, police have identified them as 21-year-old kenyon waller and 25-year-old william campbell, both of baltimore. they are being held this morning without bond at the county detention center. police say the men abducted several victims from bus stops in baltimore county and the city. the first two cases involved teen girls who were abducted from a bus stop in catensville, held at gunpoint and then sexually assaulted. then a man and woman were abducted near a mta bus stop in the city. the woman was robbed and then let go. >> very traumatic to me and it's also very scary that you can't stand on a street corner
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to get a bus and not feel safe. >>reporter: now, police believe there may be more victims who have yet to come forward. if this case sounds familiar to you, please call police in baltimore county or the city. we're live at county headquarters, linda stow, abc 2 news. baltimore police are on hunt this morning for an escaped prisoner. according to police, the unidentified man ran off last night while being transported in the northeast district. they say the prisoner who was still wearing handcuffs when he got away was still seen in a wooded area in the 900 block of argon drive. good news for those of you living in west baltimore, truck 10 will stay open. officials thought they would have to shut it down and that was because the city was low on cash, however, the mayor says that the city did find enough money from taxes and the grand prix ticket sales to avoid closing the west lafayette firehouse. the fire chief james clack says this decision means that the people of baltimore are now safer you might want to be extra
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careful when driving to work this morning since there will be large numbers of students out and about. that's because it's international walk to school day to celebrate. children from preschools, elementary school and mill schools will be accompanied to class. the goal of today's event is to raise awareness of the need to create safer paths for walking and for biking. an exciting day for our state. maryland is expected to be ranked as one of the top 10 most energy-efficient states in the country. the announcement will come later on this morning during a national news conference. maryland will get special attention for making the top 10 on that list. news time now 4:36. if you want to get a free lunch today, head to the pink picnic, it's going to be held honoring breast cancer awareness month. it's going to take place at b.j.'s wholesale club in owengs mills. a breast cancer survivor will share her experience with the disease, there will be an expert talking about screenings, treatment and
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needed research. let's talk about bheas going on this morning because we let's talk about what's going on this morning because we do have cloud cover across the area and one lone shower. as we zoom in, we can see what's going on in jarrettsville. this is sliding up into pennsylvania along i-83. it's going to be a wet one. but this is the only one we're talking about, so that's the good news. we are dealing with some humidity out there. look at these dewpoints, in the 60s to around 70 in annapolis, 71 degrees to be exact. that's the inner harbor, 69. we have some very sultry air in place. this will continue throughout the day, and also we're dealing with temperatures this morning that are on the warm side. 72 degrees in annapolis, 63 in chesapeake beach. as we look over towards federalsburg, 75 degrees. not only do we have the warm temperatures, a lone shower, but we're also dealing with some dense fog. we do have a dense fog advisory until 8:00. take it easy as you head out and about. over to you. time now for sports. in a lot of ways, the orioles
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playoff picture is about as hazy and murky as your drive to work will be today. the o's beat tampa in a nailbiter and the yankees won in extra innings. but what this means exactly? well, it's yet to be determined. we'll find out later today. abc 2 news kristin schaefer is in florida with more on what came down in 161-game season, one left to play. [ cheering ] >>reporter: it's a bit better than last night. >> we believe in them. we're going all the way. >>reporter: a tense one-run game, but in 2012, the orioles just don't lose one-run games. >> we hadn't done it in 15 years, we had to come. >> oh, my god, it was awesome. >>reporter: orioles fans have one eye on the field and one eye on the scoreboard for most of the game. starting pitcher miguel gonzalez says it's been a great ride. >> having the opportunity to be with the orioles this year, it's been great. we've done history, happy, i'm happy with all our players,
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staff and we've been doing a pretty good job. >>reporter: chris davis has home runs in six straight games. i asked him if the ball really looks like a beach ball when you're that hot. >> i don't know if it ever looks like a beach ball, but there are times when you get locked in and you feel comfortable at the plate and you feel any pitch he throws up there in the strike zone that you can hit. and i felt like that for one at- bat tonight, the other two at- bats, i mean, he was dominant tonight. >>reporter: he was talking about the ray's starter james shields who gave up just two hits, including that home run and struck out 15 orioles throughout the night, a really hard luck loser for the rays. the orioles will finish up their regular season tonight here in st. petersburg. reporting from tropicana field, christian schaefer, abc 2 news maryland. what happens if the yankees lose, this is just all going to be winding down today. here's all you need to know to remember for tonight's game,
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162 the final game of the regular season. an orioles win means they will host a playoff game at camden yards this year. we can get into the mathmatics of it, megan, all you need to know is o's win. >> fingers crossed. stay with us this morning, still ahead on "good morning maryland" more legal trouble for penn state university, this all as a result of the child sex abuse scandal. also a local college having troubles of their own when it comes to sports programs. we'll explain. a newborn baby already in debt. we'll tell you how this is even possible. fog is really having an impact on your commute this morning. i'm tracking the delays and we'll have your complete abc 2 news time saver traffic report coming up on "good morning maryland." you are taking a live look at new york's times square. great way to start the day. not too much fog out there, though. stay with us. much more coming up.
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thanks for joining us on this wednesday morning.
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mpletion making headlines around the nation this morning, border patrol officials have identified the agent who was killed near the arizona border. authorities say that nicholas ivy who was responding to a motion sensor that had gone off in a rugged area near the border between arizona and mexico when he was killed. the 30-year-old agent is the third in the line of duty to be killed this year. another unnamed agent also wounded, however, his injuries do not appear to be life threatening. the fbi is right now working with local law enforcement to investigate this incident. four penn state university assistant mike career career has filed a whistleblower lawsuit against the university. he's claiming defamation and misrepresentation saying the university ruined his reputation while firing him while he was cooperating with the investigation against jerry sandusky. mcqueary testified that he saw sandusky in a locker room shower with a young boy in 2001. he's seeking millions of dollars ges. sandusky was convict inside june for abusing young boys during a 15-year time period. in florida the search is on
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for a woman who was photographed, look at this, trying to take a ride on a manatee. this picture was taken on a beach near tampa and authorities say that her actions, they violate the florida manatee sanctuary act that says that people are not allowed to interfere with the animals. she now faces a misdemeanor charge. is the u.s. housing market recovering? according to a cnn money survey, many economists say yes. most of those surveyed say the home prices are already on the rise and will continue heading in that direction later this year. a pickup in home sales, a jump in new home sale prices and increases in the s & p home price index are the main reason that financial experts came to this conclusion. some health news for you this morning right now, and this is good news for women who may be considering short-term use of hormones to relieve those nasty symptoms of menopause. a new study finds that starting low-dose treatment early in menopause made women feel better and didn't seem to raise their heart rate or have any risks associated with the heart. health experts do say that the
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use of hormones at the lowest dose for the shortest time possible and only severe symptoms, not to prevent bone loss or age-related problems. and some new concerns this morning, and this is all over tanning beds and cancer, a study that was published in the british journal of medicine linked tanning beds to about 170,000 new cases of skin cancer each year. now the tanning industry says that people should basically be free to make their own decisions when it comes to using a tanning bed. it points to the benefits of vitamin d which it says is provided by ultraviolet lights and the radiation from the beds. however, scientists right now are looking at the role of vitamin d preventing health problems as well as heart attacks and strokes. lauren joining us up here on the set. we've got a lot of things going on out there. rain was the big story yesterday, you've been watching that. but the fog is going to be a real problem on the roads. >>reporter: it's awful. i could barely see driving in
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from bel aire this morning. route 1 is a mess. you will want to expect reduced visibility. unfortunately we do have a crash to tell you on route 295. i'll have all the details coming up in just a bit. but be sure to slow down. >> speaking of hartford county, there's actually a dense fog advisory for that county until 8:00, also we're dealing with anne arundel county and baltimore county and the city. so it's bad out there, you definitely need to take it easy as you head out and about. let me show you what's going on in terms of rain because we do have a lone shower off in hartford county, so they're getting hit by the rain and the fog this morning. there's the shower that we're watching. it is heavy. you can see some of those oranges and yellows along i-83, if you are traveling into new freedom, into glen walk this morning, you are going to be in on the wet weather, some slick roads this morning as well. but we're also dealing with temperatures that are on the warm side. we're in the upper 60s to 70s in a lot of spots. aberdeen coming in at 68 degrees, nottingham at 69. 67 in sikesville and you can see that 100% humidity, so that's where we're dealing with plenty of fog across that area.
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now, this is what's going on at the surface, once again -- i know you're like this looks like the same map i saw yesterday and the day before, well, that low is slowly inching up to the north, but it is staying off towards the west of us. with that we still have that warm front that will be working its way in here as we go through the remainder of the morning and that warm front is the thing that's sparking off the showers that we're seeing. then the cold front will slice through the area as we head through tomorrow. so we will still have the chance for some showers lingering, an isolated shower as we head into your thursday. but for today it is going to be a warm day, 85 degrees. we have to deal with that dense morning fog and then we still have some scattered showers possible even as we go into the afternoon. then we look by tonight, temperature at 65 degrees, still above average, mostly cloudy skies and the humidity will be in here today and also this evening, and then as we head into the weekend things will start to change up a bit. but for tomorrow, coming in at 82 degrees, partly cloudy. there's that isolated shower i was talking about, and here's a check of that seven-day forecast for you as we will see improvement in the forecast
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with ample sunshine by friday. feeling good, right around 80 degrees. but as we head into the weekend, we get breezy, we get much cooler, and for columbus day, plenty of sunshine with that temperature coming in at 62 degrees. let's get a check now of the abc 2 time saver traffic with lauren cook. good morning. >>reporter: good morning, lynette. well, that fog really going to have an peablght on your commute. as you mentioned, hartford county getting hit hard with rain right now. we do have a tree that's fallen along the northbound lanes of route 152 at hartford road that we're watching for. we're also dealing with a crash on route 295, it's in the northbound lanes at route 32. if you are using 95 to get to bwi airport this morning, there are no delays, just again that fog going to be the main concern. as we check in and take a live look at the harrisburg expressway, here at warren road, everything moving right along, but you will want to expect reduced visibility here. and unfortunately the conditions will only get worse out on the beltway. here's what it looks like in parkville at hartford road. you will want to be extra careful. be sure to slow down, it's extremely important to do that because that visibility really
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going to be very low this morning. megan and charley, over to you. five things you need to know on this wednesday morning. if you live in fells point, you live in one of country's best neighborhoods. the american planning association named the waterfront community as one of the 10 greatest neighborhoods of 2012. charles village made the top 10 list in 2008 and downtown fredrick was labeled as a great neighborhood, that was in 2010. if you just had a baby, the newborn already owes the state more than $13,000. a nonpartisan group pushing for state budget reform claims that every american owes a little over $13,000 in state debt. that debt, they say, is for state spending on everything from roads to schools, state employees' salaries and even pork barrel projects, one or two of them at least. there are fewer teens drinking and driving than there were 20 years ago according to the cdc. they found that 10% of high school students 16 and older admitted to drinking and driving last year. that's down 22% from 1991. they attribute the decline to
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the state's raising the drinking age to 21 and zero tolerance laws for teens caught drinking and driving. there is he a popcorn recall to tell you about this morning. dale and thomas popcorn is being recalled. this is because of a concern over possible listeria contamination. this recall is for flavored ready-to-eat indiana-based popcorn with the best-buy dates of february 4th, 2013, to march 12th, 2013. listeria is a disease that can be very serious. here's what to look out for, high fever, severe headaches, nausea, diarrhea pain. an unusual offer being made by researchers in st. louis. they're paying people to eat fast food each day for three months. they want to see the effects of those 1,000-calorie meals. they want to see what it will do to the human body and why weight gain leads to things like diabetes and hypertension. the words play ball may not be what towson university has on campus. that's because the school is thinking about ending its baseball program because it's
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just too costly to run, this despite the fact that the former general manager of the atlanta braves donated a huge chunk of money to the university and built a new ball field. about 20 local kids on the roster. now, the school is also thinking about getting rid of their men's soccer program as well. law enforcement and educators are going to be on the campus of morgan state university. this is all happening today. >> it could have an affect on the amount of juveniles that are brought into the justice system. >>reporter: the big night is finally here. i'm tori dunham in denver, colorado, with a preview of what to expect when mitt romney and president obama take the stage in the first presidential debate. wççñçñ
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president barack obama and mitt romney have only talked face to face on a handful of occasions and tonight they'll get a chance to go head to head in the first of three
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presidential debates. abc 2's tori dunham is in denver with what we can expect to see tonight. >>reporter: this is the big moment we've all been waiting for, the first of three presidential debates will take place tonight. we'll talk a little bit about the format here. it's going to last 90 minutes. it'll be moderated by jim lehrer and we're told there's no audience participation. this debate will focus on domestic policies, things like healthcare, the economy and the role of the government. but while the two candidates were off the trail yesterday getting ready and prepping for the big debate, their wives are giving us a little bit of insight. >> i get so nervous at these debates, and, you know, i'm like one of those parents watching their kid on the balance beam. he doesn't need much advice. i mean, he's been doing this for quite some time. >> almost after every answer that he gives, he'll find me in the audience to see was that good, was that okay? >>reporter: something president obama has really had the momentum as of late. the polls show that this race is tightening up, esal


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